Having taught as an adjunct lecturer for roughly ten years, I am now Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of New Haven, where I teach (or will be teaching) the following courses:

PHIL 1101: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 2210: Logic

PHIL 2205: Classical Philosophy

PHIL 2215: Nature of Self

PHIL 2222: Ethics

PHIL 2250: Philosophy of Religion

PHIL 2251: Philosophy of Race

PHIL 3333: Professional Ethics

PHIL 4450: Special Topics: Existentialism

PHIL 4450: Special Topics: Modernity and Liberation

Before moving to UNH, I regularly taught these courses at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Borough of Manhattan Community College, both of which are part of the City University of New York:

AFN 152: Modern Black Political Thought

PHI 102: Ethical Foundations of the Just Society

PHI 105: Critical Thinking

PHI 202: Philosophical Visions of American Pluralism

PHI 224: Death, Dying, and Society

PHI 231: The Big Questions

PHI 302: Philosophical Issues of Rights

PHI 310: Ethics and Law

PHI 354: Africana Philosophy

As an instructor with a penchant for silly doodling, I have long enjoyed the miscellaneous drawings that my students have done on their quizzes and exams.  Some of their “work” can be found here and here.

Finally, I am very strict when it comes to phone interruptions, and my policy is that if your phone goes off during class, you have a choice: You can either sing a song for the class, or I can assign an additional paper that everybody must do.  This has been an effective policy, but it was turned against me back in December 2010:

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